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Where to Eat in Rhyl and Prestatyn

Do you prefer to eat the foods you normally eat while on holidays as well? Or do you like to try out new dishes? How about local cuisine and specialities? Want to eat good but don’t want to spend a fortune? Regardless of your taste and preferences (and budget!), Rhyl and Prestatyn won’t disappoint you.

The selection of restaurants, bistros, pubs and other eateries in Rhyl is really amazing. Not only you can grab something to eat around virtually every corner but you can also choose between a diversity of eateries and even a greater diversity of dishes. There are countless fast food outlets, healthy eats at Sandwich Sorted, pubs and small cafes serving snacks, meals and desserts to suit just about everyone’s taste and pocket. Then there are also hotel restaurants many of which are open to both hotel guests and walk-ins. Besides being convenient, many also serve delicacies to delight even the greatest gourmets. But the preferred eating option of most Rhyl visitors are the ‘classic’ restaurants and eateries specialising in local cuisine, traditional (Welsh), Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese, etc. You can be sure you won’t go hungry in Rhyl.

Though it is smaller than the nearby Rhyl, Prestatyn is home to many fine restaurants and a diversity of cuisines including international. But the prices are quite high. So if you are looking for a nice place to eat at a reasonable price, you should ask locals for advice. They know exactly where the food is good and the price is right no matter if you want to order a pizza, eat a great sandwich, Chinese, Indian or local cuisine. If you feel uncomfortable about asking strangers to recommend you a place to eat but are having difficulties deciding, there is another strategy that works for most travellers on most places - follow the crowds, that is choose a place where there is plenty of people. There are no guarantees but if people are willing to stand in line to be served or get a table, there is a great chance that the food isn’t only good but reasonably priced as well.